The Creation of Countersteer Leadership

Greetings…my name is Todd MacDonald and thank you for taking time to visit our site.  Ever since I shifted my professional focus from technology to Leadership Psychology more than a decade ago,  I’ve been working to unite themes in my life that give me joy and a sense of professional purpose. I believe there are elements of motorcycling and leadership that overlap in complementary ways and provide those things.

While the leadership component is fairly obvious on the professional axis, some might wonder where motorcycling fits in. To me this is self-evident but not in the way many might conclude. I believe that as a society we do not have enough adventure in our lives and we are paying a high physiological and psychological price. This seemingly counter-intuitive dynamic caught my attention as a professional skydiver where my most relaxing times were after a day of jumping out of perfectly good airplanes.

Our Unique Approach

Our focus on the counter-intuitive nature of leadership challenges is complimented by our motorcycle centric teaching environment.  Countersteer coaches come from a diverse background; from large corporate settings to small entrepreneurial startups and they bring a wealth of experience to the table.  They use these unique experiences to help leaders develop the perspectives and behaviors needed to lead in the 21st century

Make no mistake about it, at Countersteer we are riders 1st.  From big off-road adventure bikes and sport-tours to scrappy enduro bikes, the team has thousands of saddle hours and it was during that saddle time we began seeing the many connections between our at-work leadership challenges and our riding challenges.  We take these connections and present them in an exciting and enjoyable environment customized to each client.

Motorcycling and Leadership a Natural Fit

As humans, we are designed to respond effectively to acute forms of stress. In fact, our responses, in the form of healthy chemical releases, have therapeutic effects on the mind and body. Unfortunately, however, our society has morphed into a state of constant fear and paranoia, where we experience chronic stress and rarely give the body a chance to do what it does so well…get scared, respond and then, relax. I believe motorcycling provides a perfect opportunity to push our stressors in healthy and productive ways. As a result, we interact with our families, teams, and communities in happier, more generative ways.  We are effectively better leaders because we are more in tune with our natural state.

Another vector of alignment regarding leadership and motorcycling is in its often counter-intuitive nature. Much like the skills needed to ride a motorcycle safely and effectively, leadership skills can sometimes feel counter-intuitive. Things that seem obvious are many times the exact things that get us in trouble… in the saddle or in the office. Just ask the rider that went off the road staring at the ditch he wanted to avoid, or the leader who constantly told her people exactly what they needed to do and never developed a competent team. Just like countersteering, good leadership can sometimes feel counter-intuitive and overcoming that awkward feeling takes practice.

This was the catalyst for the name and philosophy behind Countersteer Leadership

Meet the Team

Members of the Countersteer Leadership team have 5w20 in their blood.
They also love sharing the leadership lessons they’ve learned over the years and miles. lodge

Todd MacDonald

Founder & Leadership Coach

I spend most of my time in the Utah mountains with my wife and adventure partner Antonella.  I’ve been described as a techno-psychologist or a psyco-technologist depending on the day.  I spent 20 years with Microsoft domestically and in Europe before moving into leadership development and coaching full time. I hold a masters degree in leadership psychology was skydive jump-master, ski patroller and instructor.   I have a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Coach certification and enjoy putting big adventure bikes in small places.  My weapon of choice is usually a KTM 990 and I also keep a BMW GS1200 in Europe where Antonella and I run private motorcycle tours though the Alps and Southern Italy


Zion James

Riding Coach

When you want to be a better rider… Zion is the guy to talk to.

Next Steps…

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