Leadership is not a straight path

Not unlike the skills needed to ride motorcycles safely and effectively, leadership skills can sometimes feel awkward or counterintuitive. Many times things that seem obvious are the exact things that get us in trouble…in the saddle or in the office.  Just ask the rider that went off the road staring at the ditch he did not want to hit or the knowledgeable and decisive leader who constantly told her people exactly what they needed to do and somehow never developed a competent team.   Just like countersteering a motorcycle, some of the best leadership skills can feel counterintuitive.

At Countersteer Leadership we understand the challenges and best approaches of modern leadership and we understand the skills necessary for safe, fun and exciting motorcycle riding.  Our unique content and adventure offerings create a learning bridge between the leadership and motorcycle worlds in a manner not seen anywhere else in the leadership development community.

We are riders 1st.  From big off-road adventure bikes to laid-back cruisers or scrappy dirt bikes, we have thousands of hours of saddle time from all over the world.  The team brings decades of business, technology &  psychology experience to the campfire and they have taught, coached and published within the leadership and motorcycle disciplines.  From large corporate settings to small entrepreneurial startups, our coaches bring a wealth of experience to the table.   They use these unique experiences to help people develop the perspectives and behaviors needed to lead in the 21st century.

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A Leadership approach like no other

Over several decades we’ve taken skills we practice as riders and mapped them to leadership concepts and lessons.  Sometimes these are related metaphorically while other concepts map as direct analogies.  We’ve done this for 3 reasons:

Saddle time counts – As adults, we learn best when we apply our own life experiences to new lessons and skills.

No one perfect line – There are no cookie-cutter approaches to leadership.  Like that mythical perfect line or perfect golf swing, the most valuable skills are the ones we adapt and make our own.

A journey, not a destination – Like developing our riding skills, leadership is a life-long journey and a way of being unto itself.

Time tested lessons and skills

Our Countersteer Leadership Workshops and our Leading on 2 Wheels Adventure Retreat  (LO2W) material is grounded in well respected academic research and then adapted from years of practical professional leadership and team coaching experience.  The skills and concepts taught are designed for rapid absorption and practical application.  These are skills you will use the minute you return home.  While we are not a “riding school” our founder is an MSF certified instructor and our riding tips and tricks are grounded in years of back-country riding and exploration.  If you have specific questions about our leadership content, please subscribe or drop us a note from our Contact Us page.

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Never make the mistake of thinking someone else is holding you backKeith Code – Twist of the Wrist

Our Offerings

Adventure Retreats Workshops Private Coaching

Leading On 2 Wheels Adventure RetreatsOur Leading on 2 Wheels adventure retreat is the only motorcycle centered leadership experience in the world and at the heart of our offerings.  Our on and off-road adventure retreats span 3-10 days and provide an incredible environment to learn, and more importantly apply new leadership and riding skills. These on-bike programs get the leader out of her comfort zone while keeping him in his learning zone. This leads to breakthrough skill development in the office and on the saddle.Contact us to learn more

Countersteer Leadership WorkshopsFor many, the actual physics of steering a motorcycle is counter-intuitive.   Even experienced riders can struggle with the concept that you steer the front wheel opposite the direction you want to go.  This is called countersteering and can seem backward.  Leadership can follow a similar model.  The skills and behaviors that often work best, can feel counter-intuitive and therefore rarely developed.  Our workshops map counter-intuitive leadership challenges to riding challenges in a unique and engaging way.Contact us to learn more

LO2W Private CoachingAs riders and regardless of our bikes or styles, we share a common passion and set of perspectives when it comes to the world.  Our Leadership Coaching practice builds on those shared experiences to create custom coaching programs designed to meet the rider where she is.  The coaching can incorporate saddle time in short or long rides, be face-to-face with no riding or even strictly virtual.  Regardless of the format, a focus on the counter-intuitive nature of leading remains the cornerstone of the program.Contact us to learn more

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